This Changes Everything...

February 12th, 2011 by Shaun Milne

I'm back living in the Scotland now \o/ I'm totally happy to be home, I've missed the place. Picked up some awesome contract work in January, involving scaling a live video feed to thousands of users, designed to run on the Amazon EC2 platform:

Scaling Live Video Diagram

Moving upwards to Dundee to start some technical lead work with the awesome team at Play2Improve, super excited about that, as it's primarily Unity and scaling challenges, hurrah! Found a nice flat, just need to sort out the referencing details and I'm good.

I'm getting excited about the next Ludum Dare as well, I know it's like 2 months away, but the Global Game Jam wet my appetite for more. I couldn't make it for the beginning of the jam, but went along on the final day to chat and check out the games, some great stuff done in 48hrs! I don't think I posted my Ludum Dare #19 results; I came 31st overall, I was chuffed just to make the top 50! Especially out of 242 submissions. I also scored highly for some categories: #4 - Graphics and #6 - Coolness. Bonus!

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