About Squax

Hello Internets :)

My name is Shaun Milne, I am 35 man-years old and I make the games. I also do the art and everything else associated with the running of the Squax microstudio.

All my concentration right now is being focused into developing sweet gameplay experiences for mobile and web. I try to make games that can fit into an 8 week development cycle and have some sort of multiplayer element. I accomplish this through using excellent tools, like Unity, and being cross-disciplined enough to always be learning a new skill.

I'm starting to take on a little contract work to help fund my current project and fuel my minecraft addiction, so if you have a cool web app/game dev project and are actively recruiting, give me a nudge.

You can usually find me hanging out in the #unity3d irc channel on irc.freenode.net, or you can follow me on the twitters @SquaxCom.