Game Development Services

Squax is making retro styled pixel-art inspired games for PC and mobile utilizing the Unity game engine.  Based in Scotland, UK. :) E-Mail: [email protected] | X-Handle: @SquaxCom

Playable web versions at

Services Offered

Concept Art

The visual style of your game will make or break it on the store. We can help you concept many different visual pixel-art styles to find one that suits your game idea.

Idea Prototyping

From simple casual game concepts to advanced multiplayer demos, we can remove the risk and reduce your costs by providing fully playable, cross platform demos and vertical slices that can then be played in presentations to your shareholders. VR Command was taken from concept to playable in only 7 days.


Having a proper set of tools up front is fundamental to a speedy development cycle and reduction of crunch. We have 25 years of creating many different types of tools, from simple image viewers, match 3 content editors to advanced tree decision/behaviour systems.

Technical Art

From custom shaders to full screen image effects, lighting systems or advanced particle systems. We have you covered!

Pipeline and Backend Services

Build pipelines and fast build times are paramount to ensuring your Quality Assurance team has consistent testing material to work with; let us help automate your build process.


We offer a complete development package from game concept to release. We can work with your team to best integrate our offering or provide add-on plug-ins that can be integrated into your own project. Fully documented.

Free Tooling

QA Plugin for Unity: [Download]